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The full and official name of Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran and it is also known as Persia. It is considered the second largest Middle Eastern country and is also the 18th largest state in the world. An interesting thing about Iran is that it shares coastlines with both Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean, making it is the only country to do so. But this is not the reason why Iran is considered to be such a significant country of the world. This is because Iran has one of the oldest historiesof civilization, starting from the time of the Elamite and the Proto-Elamite Kingdoms the emerged between 3200 and 2800 BC. It was in 550 BC during the time of the Achaemenid Empire that Iran reached its prime time. It is true that tourismsaw a downfall die to the war of Iraq and with not too many things to do in Iran, it has become better again with five million tourists visiting the country in 2014-2015. Some of the cities of Iran that see the most tourist population are Tehran (the capital), Shiraz, Isfahan and Mashhad. When in this country there are quite a few things to do in Iran. People from Europe and the rest of the West would see major differences in the kind of things that people do around this part of the world, things that are unique and quiet satisfying. Of course, there are the regular thrills like visiting the spa or checking out the historical sites and artifacts, but then there is the Iranian food, which is so different from Western food, and the distinct culture. One of the must do things in Iran is checking out the Naghsh-e-Jahan or Imam Square in Isfahan. The place has been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as the 2ndlargestsquare of the world. It is also the place that is said to see the start of polo as we know it today. Called Chogan in Iranian, it was said to be the sport of the royals. The 400 year old goal posts are still embedded in the ground. If it is architecture that you want toobserve in all its eastern glory, then Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a feat in itself. Constructed in 1603, it was built by ShaykhBahai during the reign of Shah Abbas I of the Safavid dynasty. Persepolis, meaning the Persian city, is also known as the Throne of Jamshid, which is located 60 km from Shiraz city. The ruins of this place have also been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Nasir al-Mulk Mosqueis another must do thing in Iran. Built in 1876 by designers Mohammed Hasan-e-Memar and Mohammad Reza Kashi-Saz-e-Sirazi, the mosque is unique due to the use of pink stones and many glass panes in its construction. This is also the reason why it is known as the Pink Mosque by most Iranian people today. But these are not the only things to do in Iran.

places to visit in Iran
If tourists seek to learn about the history of Iran that you want to learn about then the National Museum of Iran is the perfect place to start and one of the must site to visit in the list of things to do in Iran. The museum is host to some of the oldest displays and artifacts dating back to the medieval; Iranian times. Some of the things on show include metal objects, rare coins and books, pottery vessels and textile remains.The museum also holds many research departments like the center for Pottery Studies and Paleolithic and Osteological department, etc. Since Persia has always been known for its rugs and carpets, things to do in Iran also include checking out the Carpet Museum of Iran, which contains Persian rugs variety that go as far back as the 18th century. There is also a library situated here that contains more than 7000 books. There are also some Christian churches like the Holy Savior Cathedral which is also called the Vank Cathederal and the Church of the Saintly Sisters. Founded in 1606, Holy Savior Church was formed by the Armenian deportees at the time of the Ottoman War. One of the most beautiful Churches, the insides are decorated with colorful frescoes and intricate tile work. There is also a library in the church that contains more than 700 handwritten books which are a must do thing in Iran, for all those who have a love of history and books.Another must see place in Iran is the ChoghaZanbil, an Elamite complex. Constructed by king Untash-Napirisha in 1250 BC, the hill was constructed in honor of the great god Inshushinak. It is one of the most attractive sites for visitors from all over the world due to its different architecture and temple style. If it’s something cold and thrilling that is a part of the list to do things in Iran, then Mount Tochal is the place for it. The Tochal ski resort lets visitors ski to their heart’s content. There is also a hotel on the mountain where the tourists can stay for as long as they like. Visitors would need to take a gondola lift in order to reach the mountain which in itself is very adventurous.There are trails leading up to the mountain but in order to reach the ski resort or other mountainous complexes, people would need to ride the gondola lift. Niavaran Complex is a historical site composed of many monuments and buildings that were created in the era of Qajar and Pahlavi. Some of the things to see and do in Iran Niavaran Complexare checking out the Niavaran Hose, insides of the SahabQaranie House, Ahmad Shahi Pavilion and the front Pavilion. Takht-e-Soleyman is another thing to do in Iran that attracts people from all across the globe. It is an archaeological site that is considered a World Heritage Site and which contains the Zoroastrian fire temple remains. According to legends, King Solomon used to capture and imprison monsters in the deep crater nearby which is known as the Zendan-e-Solyeman.


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