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In general, category of China Attractions is comprised of natural attractions, cultural and historic attractions. Natural attractions are basically highlighted with the featured natural beauty and landscape like Chinese many world-class geoparks and mountains represented by Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Cultural and historical attractions in China are the main part. Nearly all the attractions can be classified into this part thanks to Chinese special culture and traditional lifestyle. Different from western world, Chinese attractions are hardly depicted to be a pure natural or cultural landscape. In Chinese tradition, nature and humanity are always considered to be a perfect integration. That is absolutely distinctive.

What is more, Chinese attractions also include a unique part: intangible attractions. This is hardly touchable but can be imagined and portrayed in mind on the basis of its fixed image of Chinese traditional highlights. For instance, Chinese lifestyle, Chinese folk custom, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional music, Chinese abstract or scholarly painting and Chinese seal are all featured of this aspect. Hence without any understanding to Chinese traditional culture and Chinese history, it is impossible to understand the importance and greatness of these special attractions. That is also one of important reasons that plenty of westerners can not understand why Chinese people or east-Asian like the West Lake or Xi Hu of Hangzhou so much, and majority of westerners can not know how to see the charm of Hangzhou and Suzhou. This is a special and further aspect of Chinese attractions that can be perfectly enjoyed preconditioned by learning some of Chinese culture and history.

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